Blue Bay Dive Resort Bangka & Liveaboard KLM Sunshine in North Sulawesi

Imagine a white sandy beach on a private island, a small dive resort with a family-like atmosphere, diving in small groups with experienced dive guides at North Sulawesi‘s top diving spots Bangka, Bunaken and Lembeh, a delicious cuisine and comfy chillout areas. Can it get any better than this? You have found Blue Bay Divers Bangka, your private little island paradise.

Dive, Eat, Sleep and Repeat!

We have been diving in Bangka and North Sulawesi‘s other famous diving areas Bunaken and Lembeh Strait since 2004. Our dive guides and boat captains are real experts in this area – they will show you our dive sites in the best possible way.

And if more than 100 dive sites are not enough for you, please join us on our liveaboard KLM SUNSHINE for diving and exploring even more and remote areas. We cruise to North and South Halmahera (Maluku Islands or the Moluccas), the Islands of the Sangihe Archipelago (SITARO), Tompotika and Pulau Dua in Central Sulawesi and the Togian Islands. Some of our cruises also include the nearby Lembeh Strait and the Bunaken National Park.

Contact us, if you have further questions about diving in Bangka, Bunaken National Park and Lembeh Strait or a trip with our Liveaboard KLM Sunshine. E-Mail:

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Our small and cosy resort is located in a protected bay on the small island Sahaung and is surrounded by palm trees and mangroves.  more

Dive Bangka

The diving around Bangka Island is one of the best in Sulawesi and Indonesia. More then 25 outstanding dive spots around Bangka Island and the Mainland of North Sulawesi are in short distance to our Resort.  more

The KLM Sunshine

With the KLM Sunshine you can set sail comfortably on multi-day diving safaris around North Sulawesi. And we also head for more remote dive spots.  more

Land Trips around Bangka and North Sulawesi

From Sahaung many land excursions are possible – whether in the nature around Bangka or Tangkoko Nationalpark or the Highlands of Minahasa  more

Pic of the Month

Phyllognathia ceratophthalma, Spiny Tiger Shrimp, Photo: Bodo Kaulvers (August 2019)


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