Environmental Protection

At Blue Bay Divers we care for the environment. We support various projects keep the environment healthy and support the local population on Bangka.

In our bungalows we do without air conditioning and running water. The Indonesian scoop „Mandis“ do not only save water, but reduce the amount of sewage and keep our blue bay clean and clear.

Our power generators run only when necessary. During the dives and at night they are switched off which saves diesel.

Garbage is collected daily, both on the beach or under water. Then we separate the garbage. Returned bottles will be returned, the deposit will be collected and on Christmas distributed to our team. Cans go to a metal collection point in Manado. Bottles which cannot be returned are used to build an artificial reef. Batteries are collected and separately disposed. For plastic waste there is currently no other option than to bring it a landfill to Manado but we are looking for other solutions like recycling the plastic waste.

Together with other resorts on the island of Bangka, the Hydra Institute of Oceanography and several universities, we are involved in the No-Trash Triangle Initiative to take concrete steps on-site to lessen the littering of oceans with plastic.

Whether bags, straws or rain ponchos – we do not use plastic products, but those from [Avani] (https://www.avanieco.com) from renewable raw materials. Moreover, we generally try to restrict the use of plastics. For example, we use shopping bags as garbage bags and buy drinking water exclusively in reusable containers.

Together with other resorts we have participated in the „Bangka Conversation Fund“ to fight illegal mining on Bangka Island. After a long juridical battle we have finally succeeded. Now the planting of mangroves is one of our main priorities and the local population is involved in the efforts for more environmental protection.

If you have further ideas we are happy to listen and start and implement new projects to save our beautiful natural enviroment.

Take only pictures and memories – leave footprints and friends.