Volcanoes of North Sulawesi

Indonesia is a volcanic country, there are also many in North Sulawesi, some of which are active. If you want to climb one of the volcanoes, talk to us, we‘ll take care of accommodation, guide, driver and tour.

Lokon & Mt. Mahawu

The Lokon (1,580 m) and the Mahawu (1,311 m) both have crater lakes, with Mt. Lokon being considered the more beautiful of the two mountains. The climb is not so difficult, but you should have a reasonably good condition. The steaming crater is then 600 meters below the crater rim. The lake is about 60 meters deep. From dives there we advise against however.

Mount Klabat

The climb to the highest mountain in North Sulawesi at 1995 meters can be accomplished in about five to six hours. Our tip: Go on a full moon night, spend the night on the summit and admire the sunrise from there in the morning.

Mt. Soputan

This active volcano is about 60 kilometers from Manado. Mt. Soputan is 1825 meters high and often smoldering or ashes spewing to see. Hikers first cross different plantations and areas where the rare edelweiss can be found. You could also spend the night in a camp in the Casuarina Forest and then start the next day at four in the morning.