Dive Bangka

The diving around Bangka Island is one of the best in Sulawesi and Indonesia. More then 25 outstanding dive spots around Bangka Island and the Mainland of North Sulawesi are in short distance to our Resort.

The ocean around Bangka Island offers one of the most interesting and diverse underwater worlds in Indonesia. In Bangka as well as the famous Lembeh Strait most of the different kind of the obscure frogfishes are at home, also pigmy seahorses and all kinds of ghost pipefishes. Flamboyant cuttlefish, many different octopuses, Skeleton and hairy shrimp meets colemany, tiger and harlequin shrimps. Ambon and tentacle scorpionfish, stonefish, skygazer and devil fish provide a true curiosity cabinet. Many special critters and lots of nudibranchs can be found – diving here is a mekka for divers which are interested to see smaller and special underwater species.

The underwater world in Bangka offers photographers many macro motives, while the beautiful soft coral landscapes are perfect wide-angle shots.

The boat trips are short, some dive sites only five minutes away.

Dive , Eat, Sleep and Repeat!

Diving trips

Most of our dive sites are located 5-15 minutes away from Sahaung and are located around the island of Bangka. After the dives, the boats come back to our beautiful island and the surface interval is completed at the resort.   more

Bangka/Gangga Archipelago

Around Bangka Island, there are more than 30 breath-taking diving spots, most of them we discovered our self over the years.  more

Bunaken National Park

It is almost as big as the german island Rügen, but is 97 percent ocean – the Bunaken National Park. There are over 30 diving spots here, surrounded by the islands of Bunaken, Siladen, Manado Tua, Montehage and Nain.   more

Lembeh Strait

The Lembeh Strait lies between the Lembeh island and the foothills Sulawesis.  more


Blue Bay Divers dives with five boats around North Sulawesi: Smiley, Enjoy, Happy, Lucky and Nemo. For longer trips and dive safaries we run our Liveaboard „KLM Sunshine“.  more

Guides and Crew

Anke Andree and Salmon Pieter are looking forward to seeing you soon at Blue Bay Divers.   more