Lembeh Strait

The Lembeh Strait lies between the Lembeh island and the foothills Sulawesis.

It is about 16 kilometers long and two kilometers wide. Their banks are partly characterized by white limestone formations with upstream islands (Batu Sandar, Sarena Kecil, Kai-nah). The contrast is Batu Angus, a mighty lava field. The black sand near it also testifies the volcanic activity.

Around 25 dive spots are waiting to be dived on Lembeh Strait. The visibility is 10 to 20 meters, the water is relatively cool at 24 to 27 degrees for tropical conditions. Since the strait is well protected, you can dive here all year round.

Under water you will experience a landscape that is characterized by black volcanic sands, slopes and corals and offers many, sometimes bizarre and rare species.

Some residents of Lembeh Strait are small and cleverly camouflaged – macro photographers will enjoy it a lot.

We offer day trips to the Lembeh Strait, from the Blue Bay in Bangka until Lembeh we need by boat approximately one hour.