Land Trips around Bangka and North Sulawesi

From Sahaung many land excursions are possible – whether in the nature around Bangka or Tangkoko Nationalpark or the Highlands of Minahasa

Volcanoes of North Sulawesi

Indonesia is a volcanic country, there are also many in North Sulawesi, some of which are active. If you want to climb one of the volcanoes, talk to us, we‘ll take care of accommodation, guide, driver and tour.   more

Tangkoko Nature Reserve

The Tangkoko Park at the foot of the Dua Saudara twin volcanoes and is characterized by rolling hills and valleys. Its forests are home to many rare plants and animals.  more

Minahasa Highlands

The Minahasa Highlands are offering a very varied landscape with its volcanoes, villages, lakes, waterfalls, fields and hills.  more


More than 17000 islands, of which over are 600 inhabited. 1.9 million square kilometers of land, more than 3.3 million square kilometers of sea. 54000 kilometers of coastline. 300 ethnic groups . 255 million inhabitants. The Republic of Indonesia can come up with quite a few superlatives.  more