Blue Bay Divers dives with five boats around North Sulawesi: Smiley, Enjoy, Happy, Lucky and Nemo. For longer trips and dive safaries we run our Liveaboard „KLM Sunshine“.

„Nemo“ is something like our taxi. The speedboat sleeps four to six people, is powered by two 50-horsepower engines, and makes fast, low-noise crossings possible.

The other boats are used for diving tours. They have a good deck space and a sun and rain sheltered cabin. The boat crew is happy to help to carry the equipment. After the dive you can hand your cuba equipment to the boat crew, they will help you too to come back into the boat.

The boats always carry enough drinking water. If we do not return to the resort between dives, you will find coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruits and cakes on board.

All boats are equipped with oxygen, life jackets and first aid kits.