Tangkoko Nature Reserve

The Tangkoko Park at the foot of the Dua Saudara twin volcanoes and is characterized by rolling hills and valleys. Its forests are home to many rare plants and animals.

The smallest monkeys in the world, Tarsius monkey, measure just ten centimeters, With bear and ground kuskus, two marsupial species are found in the Tangkoko Sanctuary. At the same time it offers the highest density of hornbills in the world and is home to the rare hammer chicken.

Blue Bay Divers is just a stone‘s throw from the park. We can arrange a day boat trip or combine it with other mainland attractions.

If you want to see the tarsius, you should stay in the park, as the little monkeys are only active at dusk. Accommodation is available in the park.

Alternatively, after the second dive and lunch you can ride our speedboat into the Tangkoko Park and back in the early evening. This is a nice afternoon excursion and you can see macaques and leprechauns in the afternoon and at dusk.