Questions und Answers Download PDF-File

Frequently asked Questions, this documents answers the common questions during booking process, e.g. how to get to bangka island or wifi-simcard questions or how to pay onsite expenses.

SUNSHINE Terms and Conditions Download PDF-Datei Terms and Conditions (incl. booking and cancelation policies). We kindly ask you to read this carefully. Once you have paid your deposit (directly to us or via your travel agent) you agree to these.

SUNSHINE formular Download PDF-file

All Guests, which booked a cruise with our KLM SUNSHINE, please download this document , fill It out and send it back to us via email to Please send it back 4 week before cruise starts.

Travel informationen Download PDF-file, only in German

Here you will find all the information you need: entry regulations, food and drink, vaccinations and health, climate, literature, luggage / checklist, safety, electricity, currency and money, time difference, etc.