Bangka/Gangga Archipelago

Around Bangka Island, there are more than 30 breath-taking diving spots, most of them we discovered our self over the years.

Nearly no dive spot is same to the other: slopes with beautiful coral gardens, underwater caves and mini walls, bizarre rock pinnacles or slopy landscapes, steep rock wall or just a sandy bottom – Bangka nearly meets all the wishes.

Here frogfish, diferrent kind of sepia, the bright mandarin fish, mimik octopus and ghost pipefish, all different shrimps and nudis. Maybe you‘ll discover a harlequin shrimp.

The Bangka Archipelago holds plenty of surprises for macro photographers.

Diving at Sahaung

The dive sites around our island Sahaung – nearly our houseriff cause just around the corner of our resort – is for sure the most exciting dive sites. The underwater rocks of Batu Sahaung reach just below the water surface and form gigantic steps under water.

Right at the beginning of the dive, a collection of green and golden soft corals, giant elephant ear sponges and a thicket of table corals await you on the rocks. A carpet of leather corals spreads, other soft corals – pink, brown, purple, cream – weigh in the water.

At the same time, amounts of blue triggerfish swimming, snappers, pennantfish swim around you. Often,pigmy seahorses, frogfish or boxercrabs. Or you discover a sleeping shark among the hard corals. Sometimes an eagle ray is visiting for a visit. It is quite possible that you use the words after the dive like others before you: „breathtaking“, „overwhelming“.

The rock Batu Mandi

Batu Mandi near the coast Sulawesis is a large steep cliff. If you dive down to this, you will see a lot of small animals, for example, jewelry ghost pipefish, colorful nudibranchs or mantis shrimp among colossal horn coral. Before Batu Mandi you would not have to dive deep to experience the most beautiful attractions.

Batu Gosoh