Many News for next Year – Sahaung – Sunshine – Saronde

Our resort on Sahaung Island in Bangka North Sulawesi is operating normally again, even in the year after Indonesia reopened.

Our dive guides are top as ever and will find all the highlights of the macro world for you. you will be amazed. With the North Sulawesi at Glance we have started a cooperation for a combination Bangka and Lembeh. Our cooperation partner here is the D‘Lagoon Resort in Lembeh. With its family and individual nature, this resort in Lembeh suits us best.

Our new resort on Saronde Island mastered the soft opening year with flying colors and from February 2023 we will be in full operation. The premium resort is located on a Maldives-like sandy beach island in North Gorontalo and offers diving, island hopping, snorkeling and kayaking, as well as massages or just relaxing in the wonderful nature and seclusion, far away from tourism. A trip to the whale sharks is of course something very special, but also land trips to the untouched area around Gorontalo. You can find more information on our website, or just write to me. Blue Bay Divers Saronde Island Resort

With a total of 4 diving instructors under our flag, we can train on both islands. We have had a lot of experience in junior courses and also have the equipment with small tank and BCD for it. We also offer Divemaster Internships, please email me if you need any information or references.

The KLM Sunshine is and remains our favorite. The Halmahera tours for 2023 are almost fully booked. Now do you have to hurry up or plan for 2024? Our tours to the Sangihe Islands are very popular, especially for liveaboard inexperienced divers, as these islands are off the beaten track of North Sulawesi tourism, have a lot to offer but the trips between islands are not too long. Sunshine Trips and availability 2023 and 2024

The tour Bangka – Pagimana – Bangka, with one of the highest variety of dive sites and marine life, is almost fully booked. Only on the return trip there are still a few available cabins. If you want a combination with Tompotika before you go on the Sunshine from Pagimana, you can also contact me. We are happy to present the possibility of combining Tompotika and KLM sunshine for the Cental – North Sulawesi trip. The combination with Saronde is also possible, I would be happy to advise you on this. During 2021 and 2022 we have explored the route several times and now included it in our program – the combination trips Sahaung – Saronde and Saronde – Sahaung. During the summer months these trips take place, linking Sahaung, Bangka, Bunaken with the dive sites along the North Sulawesia west coast to Saronde and the surrounding reefs.

For a combination of our two resorts, this trip is of course optimal, no travel days, no lost diving days and no packing of equipment.

We will also be presenting all these innovations at the BOOT in duesseldorf. Blue Bay Divers is Anke personally and all the time on the BOOT. This time you can find us at the Aquaventure booth. So come along and get all the news first hand. Thank you and see you soon in Sahaung, Saronde or on the Sunshine.

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