Manado North Sulawesi

Manado is the capital of North Sulawesi and the economic and cultural center of the region.

Located in a bay surrounded by mountains, the city today has about 700,000 inhabitants. In 2009, the first World Ocean Conference of the UN took place here.

Manado was founded by Spanish colonialists and mid-17th century by the Dutch East India Company expanded to the fortress. In 1844, an earthquake destroyed the city and was later rebuilt. Manado was occupied by the Japanese during World War II.

Economically, tourism plays an important role.

Manado offers its visitors a number of sights and entertainment.

Ban Hin Kiong Temple

This 19th-century temple, the oldest in East Indonesia, is the prayer place for Chinese Buddhists. During the Toa Peh Kong in February, a traditional Chinese parade takes place here.

Wolter Mongisidi & Pierre Tendean monument

A monument to commemorate two young men from North Sulawesi. Wolter Monginsidi died during the independence struggle and Pierre Tendean during the so-called „communist rebellion“ in 1965.

Located in a park overlooking Manado Bay, it is a place where people can relax and enjoy the panoramic views.

Museum Negeri Provinsi Sulawesi Utara

This museum offers visitors information on art, culture and history of North Sulawesi as well as West Sumatra, Lomboks, Bali, Central Sulawesi and West Papuas.

Golf course

The Wenang Golf Course, a nine-hole course, is located on the road to the airfield and covers an area of approximately 1800 square meters. So why not take a golf course in Manado – maybe between the diving days?

Restaurants, shops and nightlife

If you want to eat well – Manado offers a superb restaurant serving local and Indonesian cuisine. Or just sit down in one of the cafes overlooking the sea and enjoy the spectacular sunsets over the bay of Manado.

For shopping you can visit the MegaMall or MANTOS. Unlike in Indonesia, there are only a few souvenir shops in Manado. They offer good crafts, be it from the region, Java or the Toraja people.

The nightlife in Manado is very versatile. Local bands play in the bars and restaurants and cover Western music.