Tompotika Central Sulawesi

Tompotika is THE new Dive Area in Central Sulawesi at the Moment.

The Tompotika Dive Sites are located on the east coast of Central Sulawesi at the tip of the Balantak Peninsula, Pulau Dua. The nearest airport is Luwuk and can be reached by domnestik flights from Manado or Makassar. We are happy to help you with the booking of the flights.

Our KLM Sunshine cruises into this region in the months of July and August. Before and after the Tompotika Tours, our Vessel will cruise from Bangka – via Lembeh Strait, Gorontalo, Una Una and the Togian Islands to Pagimana. These Cruises offers a high variation in diving, inlcuding Lembeh Strait and Togian Islands.

The Trips for Tompotika then starts from Pagimana and already offer unique Dives and also above water scenery on the way to the Tompotika region.

The dive sites in the region are mostly rocky reefs that concentrate a rich marine life. The reefs are dry or large rocks covered with a very dense fixed fauna: black coral bushes, gorgonians and extremely colored soft corals where the fish abound.

Along the coast are “muck” dives. On the sand or on dashing reefs, these dives are conducive to the discovery of the macro creatures that made the reputation of Sulawesi, such as frog fish, ghost fish, mimetic octopus to name a few. The dry and rocky peaks offer dives more exposed to currents, with many schools of fish and pelagic.