Halmahera, the largest island of the Moluccas, lies in the middle of the coral triangle between the famous diving areas of North Sulawesi and Raja Ampat.

The dive sites off Halmahera are considered untouched by diving tourism.

Our tours with KLM Sunshine take you via Lembeh, the islands of Tifure and Bacan Labuha to the Nappo Atoll. We continue on to the islands of Siko Island via Taneti (Aquator Point and Manta Bay) to Lata Lata and Dragon Rock.

The Halmahera Walking Shark, Mantas, Baracuda schools, white and blacktip reef sharks, but also dwarf seahorses of the species Denise, Pontohi and Bargibanti, which was only discovered in 2013, await you on this tour. You can dive with us into untouched reefs and intact coral gardens.