Welcome Season 2019 in Bangka

Our new season has already started and we are looking forward to many fantastic dives with you, nice guests and wonderul days and evenings.

Our resort and restaurant shines, bungalows repainted, boats renovated – the season can begin.

The KLM Sunshine is just back from the dock and already on the way on the first tour in 2018 to Lembeh – Buyat Bay and Bunaken.

Since we experienced wonderful dives and excursions in the summer – July and August 2017 – with the KLM Sunshine in Central Sulawesi, Togian Islands and Tompotika, we also offer tours to Pulau Dua and Tompotika and Togian Islands again in 2018. In the Tompotika Area we can expect untouched and healthy reefs with a great variety of fish. Also for Macro fans – because on the black sandy beaches a „Lembeh Srait Feeling“ comes up, but without many divers and dive boats. We are excited about the diving and also offer in 2018 Pagimana – Pulau Dua – Pagimana Cruises.

The transfer tours Sahaung – Lembeh – Buyat Bay – Gorontalo – Una Una – Togians with B24 plane and Jelly Fish Lake – Pagimana offers a unique variety,

Also on the Halmahera – North Molukken – and Sangihe Islands Trips are for 2018 here and there still places available.

The schedule and the availability of the tours can be found here: [Sunshine Schedule] (http://blue-bay-divers.de/de/safarischiff/termine) or simply email to info@bluebaydivers.de

We look forward to seeing you and greetings from Sahaung – Bangka Island Anke and salmon