Super Special Trips and Offer for Summer 2021

Why only dream of you next Holiday at Sahaung and Sunshine next year? 2021 is sure to come and in this year our Sunshine will celebrate 10 Years Operations. Therefore we have set up a special and new trip for you.

At the end of July and August 2021 we want to dive the west coast of Sulawesi’s. We start as usual in Sahaung, Bangka, North Sulawesi and cruise via Kwandang and Toli Toli to Dongala. Deboarding in Dongala, here you can either continue diving at the local Dive Resort or do a Tanah Toraja trip or fly from Palu back to Manado or Makassar. With all Options we would help you to organize.

The return trip is then the other way around, boarding in Dongala and deboarding in Sahaung. Here you can hang out in our resort for a few more days.

The Exact Trip Data are:

24.7. – 6.8.2021 Bangka to Dongala (14 days)

14.8. – 25.8.2021 Dongala to Sahaung (12 days)

Both trips have exploration character, so if you want to do something new with us, this is exactly the right thing.

Our 10 year Sunshine Special for the two trips:

Booking with deposit until June 30th 2020 and there is a 10% discount on the total trip (incl. Resort Blue Bay Divers). Flights and other Hotels are not included in this Package. Our general cancellation conditions apply, free cancellation up to 90 days before the trip, so if something happen with the world again, we would then pay the deposit back again.

Please, if you would like to join one of this to trips, write to me directly and I will send you an exact offer for this special. E-Mail:

Looking forward to this,

All the best from Sahaung Anke and team

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