Liveaboard Sunshine in Togian Islands und Una Una

Togian Islands und UNA UNA

Our Liveaboard – KLM Sunshine – will cruise in July and August 2017 in the Area Togian Islands and Una Una. The Schedule and Availabilities for the planned trips you can find here: Sunshine Schedule

The Togian Islands are far away and the journey to get there is long, but is it worth it. For that reason we decided to offer 6 days trips starting from Pagimana, which one hour by car from Luwuk, to cruise you around these beautiful Islands and offer you a relaxed Diving Experience without much travel time. You just need a Flight to Luwuk. in Luwuk is the Airport, you can take flights from Manado or Makassar, we are happy to help and arrange the flights for you. Togian Islands is a beautiful island group in the Tomini Gulf in central Sulawesi. Togean, Batudaka and Pulau Una Una are three main Islands, total 56 small Island. Malenge, Wakai and Bomba are famous place to visit and see whit sand beaches. Divers take heading to Una Una volcano. If you are interessted in such a Trip, just write us an email and we will go through the organisation with you.

Kind Regards from Bangka / Sahaung Anke und Salmon