One day in the Tangkoko Nature Reserve

… Is always a special experience and should not be missed within a Holiday in North Sulawesi.

The Tangkoko Nature Reserve is a flora and fauna conservation area on Mount Tangkoko in the province of North Sulawesi, about one hour’s drive from our boat drop and pick up beach. The reserve is particularly attractive for its unique wildlife that can be observed roaming free in the forest. The tarsiers, the black macaque monkeys, maleo birds, cuscus and the hornbills make this their habitat.

Tarsiers are the smallest primates in the world – only about a fist size – who make Tangkoko their last refuge and are found only in Sulawesi. Tarsiers (tarsius spectrum) look particularly cute because of their big saucer eyes. Locals know them as: tangkasi. Since these are nocturnal animals they can be observed only at night.

The crested black macaques (Macaca nigra), endemic to Sulawesi, usually come in large social groups, and can be seen playing, fighting or grooming themselves. While the cuscus, a pouched animal can be seen among the trees when one is particularly lucky.

The usual entrance to the reserve is located in Batu Putih, a coastal village, about 1 hour drive from our boat dock – Pantai Surabaya. If the weather is good and the sea calm, we can also transfer directly from Bangka to Tangkoko and back via boat. We organize the trips from Sahaung and the Blue Bay Divers , transfers and ranger / guide as well as accommodation, if desired. Look here or write to