Our KLM Sunshine looks not only new and shiy from outsite. we also took care of the interior design. Following several guest wishes and booking situations, we have rebuilt the two upper deck cabins. The upper cabins now have the possibility of two single beds (1m by 2m) or a large king size bed (2.20 times 2m) Depending on occupancy and guest request, we can now flexibly change the beds on demand. We also have made a lot of effort to redesign and re-flow the bathrooms of the upper deck cabins. Take a look at the result yourself!

Further improvements on the Divedeck as well as on the middle deck, a new board kitchen with new furniture as well as the stabilization of the shelves in the warehouse – all this will provide more comfort on our KLM SUNSHINE.

Many thanks to the crew as well as all workers and carpenteres – the result inspires us. Now we hope you like it just as much.

See you soon at KLM SUNSHINE Anke and Salmon