Mai 2020 Special 20% Discount

Are you still looking for a nice Dive Holiday 2020? We have a Special Discount for you. Here are the Discount Details, if you are interested , just E-Mail: Diving in Bangka, North Sulawesi

Blue Bay Divers Resort:

Booking Timeframe: 15.2.2020 – 01.4.2020

Travel Time: 25.4.2020 – 31.5.2020

20% Discount Accomodation and Diving

Blue Bay Divers KLM Sunshine

Booking Timeframe: 15.2.2020 – 01.4.2020

Sunshine Trip 25.5. – 3.6.2020 Lembeh and Sangihe

Sunshine Trip 9.7. – 15.7.2020 Tompotika

Sunshine Trip 20.8. – 25.8.2020 Lembeh – Bunaken

10% Discount and Nitrox for Free

based at our PRICES 2020

more Trip Dates with Sunshine you find here

For further Information just send us an Email.


We are looking forward to welcome you soon at Sahaung Island and or KLM Sunshine

Danke und Gruss Anke