Diving the underwater volcano

The SUNSHINE will also next year cruising to the underwater volcano and the island of Sangihe Archipelago.

North of Sahaung and Bangka the Indonesia‘s „Ring of Fire“ continues toward the Philippines. The dive sites of the islands Biaro, Tagulandang, Ruang, Siau and further north Mahengetang shows an interesting macro life and underwater scenery, but also Corals and even sometimes schooling fish.

The underwater volcano Mahengetang rises from 500m depth to just below the water surface. The active area is part of a large crater, the edges still partially out of the water and are even inhabited. Many of these islands have evolved over the last few centuries and then disappeared, due to the volcanic activity in the area. At these pristine reefs are encountered clear water. Here and there you can see yellow sulfur deposits and stains from many big rocks you can see bubbles rise as steam escapes from them into the ocean. The dive sites around the underwater volcano – steep slopes and walls – impressed by the giant sponges that seem to thrive luxuriantly here. Presumably, the minerals of the volcano provide an explosive growth of these water filters.

In the active region of the UW volcano, the landscape changes dramatically. Rise between the coated substrate with a sulphurous yellow rock bubbles up and the ground is so hot that almost no corals can be found. Divers, which is the water too cold, can warm up the hands in the sand at the end of the dive.

The Gunung Ruang volcano is the southernmost volcano in the Sangihe archipelago in northern Sulawesi. The volcanic island is separated by a 1.2 km wide passage from the northern neighboring island Pulau Tagulandang. With a height of 725m of the stratovolcano is smaller than the other volcanoes in the Sangihe Archipelago. Most of the time we see dolphins this passage. At the foot of the volcano itself the lawa landscape continous underwater. Lawaflow 1 and 2 are very impressive dive sites.

Also, the hot springs at the foot of the volcanic island of Siau in his Karangetang are very impressive. A hot bath to warm up between dives is a special experience.

The SUNSHINE will cruising in 2014 to the underwater volcano and the island of Sangihe Archipelago. Schedule and free event can be found here  

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