Tanah Toraja

A Short Trip into Toraja Land – A great Experience – Many of our guests like to combine the diving in Bangka with a sightseeing visits and the traditional Indonesia.

A Short Trip into Toraja Land – A great Experience Many of our guests like to combine the diving with a sightseeing visit and the traditional Indonesia. Sulawesi island contains a great variety of exotic people, culture and natural wonders. It is another unspoiled paradise. A journey into the strange world of mysterious Toraja people is truly a rare adventure, made especially eerie by their hauting tombs – holes carved out of sheer rock faces guarded by wooden effigies that stare out across the jungle.

Toraja Land, is known for its unique culture and ancient traditions. The center of tourism is Rantepao, 328 km from Makassar by road (about 8 hours). The Toraja has preserved part of theirs culture until this days, the traditional houses or Tongkonan are of exceptional beauty, they are raised on piles and topped with massive roof.

What have we seen:

Flight MANADO-MAKASSAR Pare Pare – Toraja with car stop on the Puncak Lakawan for having coffee break while enjoy the wonderful view of Mount Buttukabobong. Lemo- hanging graves with its rows of Tau-Tau, On to Londa the natural grave where the deceased are entombed. Kete Kesu is a local Torajan village where we saw the traditional Tongkonan houses and the rice barns. Pallawa & Sa’dan, local Torajan village famous as the wood carving and weaving center. Suaya & Kambira, where we explored the secret of baby graves. Onwards to Bori where we visited the ancient stone megaliths. Marante & Nanggala, local Torajan villages famous for their large Tongkonan and old rice barns. Scenic drive to Batutumonga where we had many spectacular views, green rice terraces and other unique sites around the area. The Highlight of the trip was definitely attending one of the funeral ceremonies and the local animal market.

We where guided during these Tour by Monal, Sultan Tours, and it was from the first until the last minute a spectaculare trip with 100% service from Monal. With his competent knowledge and friendly personality he made that trip definitely unique for us. More then recommendable!! www.sultan-tours.com und info@sultan-tours.com.

More picts from that trip you can find in Facebook at the blue bay divers page.

enjoy your next trip to Sulawesi. Anke und Salmon