More Turtles

Right now we are the parent family from 2 small turle babies again. A local fishman brought them to us to take care. He saw how children in the village played with them and he decided: turtles are not toys. He remembered the Sahaung turtles which where born at our beach we took care and grow them up 8 month. Thatswhy he brought the turtle babies to us. Now they have a new home for the next months, playing around and get food every day. Once they are bigger and adult, we will let them free again. Also bigger turtles get caught , especially after they crawled at the beach for the eggs. Blue Bay Divers decided, if we see a turtle in the hand of a fisherman, we will buy her from him, bring her to Sahaung and let her free here.

We hope, some of them will survive and may be also some of the fisherman will change they minds.