Save the Tourism – Re-book and do not Cancel

Thank you all for your wonderful support, all of our guests already have or will rebook their vacation with us and will not cancel the Stay. Wonderful!

We have the following positive news for you:

This year we will NOT close over Christmas and New Year – We will be full operation until 6.1.2021, so you and we have more flexibility for your rebookings in this year.

We offer a free rebooking for our guests, which was not able to travel in April and May this Year, until January 6th 2021, of course depending on the availability.

Our team is the most important for Blue Bay Divers and KLM Sunshine, we are nothing without our fantastic staff. Therefore, as long as possible, we decided to accompany our team through the crisis with full employment and full catering.

At the moment and for several weeks now, we protect ourselves and our families and the people around us by isolating Sahaung and Sunshine and we will not leave the island until the situation here in Indonesia allows it. Contacts with the outside world are reduced to food and material supplies.

We eat healthy, play sports and work on beautification projects to welcome you back to Sahaung and KLM Sunshine.

Stay Kind, Healthy and Stay Home

Your Blue Bay Divers and KLM Sunshine Team