New Dive Location – Central Sulawesi with KLM Sunshine

We spent a wonderful Diving summer – July and August 2017 – with the KLM Sunshine in Central Sulawesi and we aolre amazed from the untouched and colourful area around Pulau Dua. Also for the next year 2018 we are planning tours to Pulau Dua and Tompotika again. After ascertaining that the Togian Islands underwater did not offer the variety and variety that we hoped for, we left for Pulau Dua and discovered some new – breathtaking – dive sites on the way to Tompotika. In the Tompotika area we found uninhabited and healthy reefs with a large fish richness. Also for macro fans – because on the black sand beaches a „Lembeh Srait Feeling“ comes up, however without many divers no other dive boats or divers. We are thrilled by this dive sites and the above water beauty and decided to to that in 2018 again. KLM Sunshine goes Pagimana – Pulau Dua – Pagimana Cruises. The schedule and the availabilities of the tours can be found here: [Sunshine Schedule] ( or simply email to The Sahaung – Lembeh – Buyat Bay – Gorontalo – Una Una – Togians with B24 Airplane and Jellyfish Lake – Pagimana offers a unique change, A small video, which was shot by Markus and Sabine Bucher this year, can be found here: Video

Have fun and many greetings See you soon on Sahaung Island or KLM Sunshine