Blue Bay Divers at Interdive 2015

BlueBayDivers Sahaung Bangka will be at Interdive this year. The InterDive is from 17. – 20.09.2015 in Friedrichshafen, South Germany. You can find us at the booth Schoener Tauchen Stand in Halle B5, Stand Nr. 121 .

Come, have a visit and be informed what happens ind Sahaung and Bangka, North Sulawesi, KLM Sunshine and Halmahera or Sangihe Islands. What is new , who want to meet us at the first time. We would be happy, you spent us a small visit and time in Friedrichshafen, South Germany.

Interdive – What is that: After the successful trade shows in the past years, the InterDive has become an unmissable annual event in the diving and travel industry. The diving scene is international at the Freidrichshafen trade show and uses the platform „InterDive“ for exchanging (e.g., the presentation of news and a wide variety of specialized seminars).