Happy Birthday Sahaung

BlueBayDivers this year celebrates 10 th anniversary and our Sunshine is celebrating its third birthday in May 2014! Reason enough for further innovations and news in Sahaung and on the Sunshine.

The time has come, our Sunshine gets her Nitrox system. Right on time for the THIRD birthday all guests can now dive NITROX on our SUNSHINE. A new generator with 50KW supplies the appropriate power. The new Bauer compressor Poseidon we have already since last year on the Sunshine. Now the Nitrox membran system is added. We will dive with a mixture EANx32, that means with 32% oxygen, and thus we will limit the depth to maximum 30m. On the Sunshine we now dive exclusively with Nitrox 32. Anyone who does not have a Nitrox certification, the Nitrox course may like to conduct at our resort before the Sunshine trip. Please inform us about it via email in advance. info@bluebaydivers.de This year 2014 we will offer Nitrox on the Sunshine as a free service.

Also in the resort there are some innovations. The new Chill out area in front of our restaurant invites for coffee and cake in the afternoon or a glass of wine and nice conversations with fellow travelers in the evening.

With the new house from Anke and Salmon we also have two more guest rooms, Homy 1 and 2, both with fantastic view over our bay. These rooms you can book for a view days, if all our bungalows are fully booked..

In October, rises the Big Birthday Party, because on October 14, 2004, we have moved to Sahaung and on 12 December 2004 BlueBayDivers has opened the gates.

Happy Birthday and a big thank you to all our Guests and Staff! Your Anke and Salmon