Halmahera, Tifure, Mayu …

… Buyat Bay, Lembeh und Bunaken  

Sunshine is successfully started in the year 2013 and our first tours were fantastic. Critters and colorful nudies, shrimps and crabs, fish schools, soft and hard coral gardens, schools of dolphins and even a whale shark behind the ship. The marine biodiviserty and variety of dive spots is impressive. The tips got a special touch , as they had also exploration charachter. Not only once we dived in locations that had never seen a diver before.

Sunshine Exploration – TEASER – A KLAUSI FILM

Photos of the first trips in 2013 you can also see on our Facebook page

The Trip dates and availabilities for 2013, and the first planned trips for 2014 can be found here

Hope we can welcome you soon at our beautiful island SAHAUNG and on board the SUNSHINE

Anke and Salmon